Tibor Everglades Reel

July 31, 2018

My first pick for my favorite reel is unquestionably the Tibor Everglades.

I'm going to go into the specs, the history, the goods, the bads, everything you need to know about this reel.


If you haven't had the pleasure of handling the Tibor Everglades, by the end of this post I hope to see you out there on the water with one in your hand. 




What I Like


Personally what I like about this reel other than its huge list of great features is that it has been extremely durable on all of my excursions as well as for the use of my customers. Being that I am on the water all day and through the night I need something that will can tough it out. This reel has proven that test of time. 

I also love the simplicity of it. Its super functional, it's very easy to work on if I need to fix something quickly.


That's it. It has simply always been reliable for the style of fishing that I use it for.


Species/Type of Fishing 


This reel was created for species such as Steelhead, Salmon, Bonefish, Permit, Dorado, Bluefish, and Striped Bass.


So what type of fishing do I use for it? Exactly what it is designed for. I love using the Tibor Everglades reel when I am out there targeting my inshore game fish. Mostly Snook, Redfish, Bonefish, and Trout.


Reel Specs


Tibor has a  wonderful detailed graphic of their maintenance free reels. This graphic breakdown can look intimidating but the reel is very simple.


Simple to use, simple to take apart, and simple to clean. Which is a beautiful thing. 


Below you will find that exact graph right from the Tibor Website. 




Down to the detail:


Weighs 8.5 oz 


Frame size: 3-3/4" x 1-3/8" (3.75″ x 1.5″)


Capacity: 200 yards 20 lb micron WF8F / 300 yds. of 65 lb. Power Pro Super 8 Slick


Suitable rod weights: 7 - 9 weight


Suitable spey rod weights 5 and 6: Capacities vary by spey line type



Along with the specs, it does have an abundance of great features:


Cork drag system


Corrosion free


Even if backing is low the open hubbed, perforated Spool & DrumLarger outer and hub diameters allow for a quick retrieve.


Made from solid bar stock aluminum


Hard coated, aluminum Main Gear


Three sealed Ceramic Ball Bearings


Internal parts are sealed from outside elements.


Line groove on the spool to helps accurately determine the backing capacity


Easily converted from right hand to left hand


Lightweight to balance with modern fly rods which reduces casting fatigue


Comes in many different styles of finishes including Frost, Standard, and Custom


The Tibor Family

pronounced (TEE-bor)


A family business including the young Tibor Juracsik. They've been around since 1970 and have been putting the USA made stamp on every carefully designed and created product that leaves their door. 


Their slogan "made by fishermen for fishermen” holds true in all that they do. The Tibor Reel Corp. is currently the leader in high-quality fly fishing reels. Back in 1970 when Tibor and fisherman friend Billy Pate met, they saw a need in the fly fishing industry that they would later fulfill. The rest is history. 


Today these reels are being used by fishing champions all around the world. 

Now based in South Florida, this company is sure to be around for some time.




Honestly, it was difficult to come up with a reason why I may dislike this reel. I use this reel a lot and it hasn't caused any major frustrations, in fact, it hasn't caused me any frustration. But if I had to choose something I would say, it is a little on the heavier side. Not by a whole lot, but it is the one thing I do notice. 


With today's technology and all of the competition out there, manufacturers are constantly coming out with the next best thing. And weight is a major factor. Especially when I'm on that platform all day. I want to get my bite and enjoy my time even if it lasts all day into the sunset. I don't want to tire out with something that feels heavy by the end of the day. This would be the only improvement.



Can I compare this reel to another? Meh, this one is pretty great. But if for some reason I forgot to bring this reel with me out on the water, what I would pick up in its place would be the Abel Super 8. It's similar with the cork drag and other features. The only thing the Super 8 has that the Everglades does not would be a few cool color combos. 


My Set Up

I love to fish my inshore game fish with the G.Loomis GLX rod and Tibor Everglades reel. You can definitely catch me on the water with this combo when it's not Tarpon season. 


Let me know what your favorite rod and reel set up is in the comments. And as always, if you want to spend a day out there castin' and blastin' - book your charter with me today. 


Where You Can find the Tibor Everglades


Below you will find a few places where you can get your own hands on the Everglades for some good time fishing. 


 Amazon - $585.00 from Tibor 


 The Compleat Angler  -    $715.00 


 Bass Pro Shops - (silver) $650.00 


















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