Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Guide and Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing begins as the water temperatures begin to climb into the mid 70's. Watching a 100+ pound eat your fly in just a few feet of water is the pinnacle of Fly Fishing. 

Tarpon fishing is unique because we are fishing over a white sandy bottom in crystal clear water, making it very visual and exciting. This type of fishing is 100% sight fishing. 

It is important to book your trip as soon as possible due to unavailability mid season.


Redfish are an amazing fish because they can be targeted with a fly or artificial baits year round in the state of Florida. Their ability to withstand a wide temperature range and their willingness to eat a properly presented fly or artificial bait is what makes this species one of the most sought after saltwater fish game fish in the state.


Night Fishing

Fly fishing  in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Dunedin and Clearwater at night is an awesome way to beat the heat and conveniently fit that fishing trip in when business calls during the day. Man made light structure attract bait fish, shrimp and other prey that tarpon, snook and redfish like to eat. When these gamefish are present on the lights, it's only for one reason, that is to feed. 

"Ethan always works extremely hard to put me on large numbers of fish - including tarpon, redfish, snook and sea trout - depending on the season and weather conditions. I highly recommend using Ethan if you want a great fly fishing trip in the Tampa Bay Area!"

-Marty Anderson



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