Night Fishing



Fly fishing in Tampa Bay, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg, Dunedin and Clearwater at night is an awesome way to beat the heat and conveniently fit that fishing trip in when business calls.

Tampa Bay has an endless system of residential canals that provide access to deeper water and freshwater which tarpon and snook use to stay warm. Night fishing is awesome because it's productive year round!


Man made light structures attract bait fish, shrimp and other prey that tarpon, snook and redfish love to eat. When these gamefish are present on the lights, it's only for one reason, that is to feed. 


Tarpon and Snook are primarily nocturnal feeders and can commonly be found in these lights after the sun goes down. A fly rod has the ultimate advantage under these lights because the fly has a silent or soft entry. 

Whether you're a veteran fly angler or a beginner, night time fishing is a great way to have lots of opportunities at our inshore game fish.


The equipment that we use for fly fishing at night around the dock lights include 8 and 9 weight rods with around a 20 to 30 pound tippet. When targeting tarpon we use 12 weight rods with a floating fly line.



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