Tarpon fishing begins as the water temperatures begin to climb into the mid 70's. Watching a 100+ pound eat your fly in just a few feet of water is the pinnacle of Fly Fishing. As these fish make their way up the Gulf Coast, I position my skiff in areas where I knows they will swim based on the time of year and conditions.


Fly Fishing for Tarpon fishing is unique because we are fishing over a white sandy bottom in crystal clear water, making it very visual and exciting. This type of fishing is 100% sight fishing. 


It is important to book your trip as soon as possible due to unavailability mid season. Everything is provided in your fishing charter including water, cooler with ice, flies and all tackle. Deposits are required to reserve the dates requested to fish. Refunds are only available 1 week prior to date requested or by Captain's discretion.


Tarpon are species that are readily available here in our area from the months of March through November, water temperature depending. These game fish are found just about everywhere in our area as they have the ability to tolerate just about any kind of water condition. They can be found in landlocked ponds, drainage ditches, river systems, etc. Tarpon are able to gulp air, which allow them to travel in and through oxygen depleted areas, namely brackish and estuarine waters.


The best time to come and target tarpon are from the months of May through July as they make their migration up the Gulf Coast in our crystal clear water.


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